Metal Roof Installation and Repair in Weatherford, TX

metal roof installation

We Can Take Care Of Your Metal Roof

At Home Roofing understands the need for strong roofing options for your residential and commercial roofing needs. With the popularity of metal roofing on the rise, our roofers in Weatherford, TX are always prepared to install or repair your metal roof. When you need metal roof repair, you should give us a call.

With just one call to (817) 304-4224, you can start the process of installing your very own metal roof onto your home or business. Let our qualified roofers take on the work of fulfilling your roofing needs without you having to break a sweat.

Benefits of a Metal Roof

Similar to asphalt tiles, metal rooftops seem to be made for Texas weather with added features that benefit your home internally. Being one of the most durable roofing materials, our roofers understand the capability that a metal roof installation brings to your home when done right. Here are some of the benefits a metal roof brings:

  • 50+ year lifespan 
  • Fire resistance
  • Interlocked panels more resistant to wind
  • Stronger against severe weather
  • Keeps your home cooler

Metal roofs also have the capacity to add style to your home with multiple coloring and style options. Home and business owners with metal roofs have further options to customize their building to their specific interests.

When Damaged, We Can Repair It

As strong as metal roofs can be, any roofing material can be subject to damages by both weather and accident. Instead of stressing over the care of your roof, let us handle the damages and fix it up to be good as new. 

At Home Roofing prides itself in having roofers more than capable of repairing roofs subject to storms and other previous roofer mistakes. We specialize in storm damage roof repair and make sure each home has the best possible roof for a quality price.

Have A Roof Leak, Call Us

It cannot be stressed enough that when your roof leaks and it goes unchecked, the damages can be catastrophic. Let us provide you with peace of mind when you detect or have the suspicion of a leak. 
Our roofers are specialized in roof leak repair and understand the importance of proper repair and installation. We value our customers and that means we value their home’s safety as well. Call (817) 304-4224 today to set up an appointment if you believe your roof may have a leak.

We Help With Roof Insurance Claims

With the Texas weather, even a metal roof can get damaged. Regardless of the roof you may have on your household, let us help you with your roof insurance claim. At Home Roofing understands dealing with insurance companies can be a stressful process, that is why we’ll back you up on your claims today. 

Our roofers fix all kinds of roofs on a daily basis, it’s what we’re good at, so we understand the causes of every kind of damage that may happen to a roof. Our knowledge is yours when filing a claim! With every detail we see going into the claim, you can have a much better chance of getting approved.

Trust Us With Roof Installment

Metal roof installation, when done right, can be invaluable to your home. Trust At Home Roofing to get the job done right at an affordable price. We make it our duty to install every kind of roof with professional service and a quality product in the Weatherford, TX area. 

Whether it’s refurbishing an old home or a recently finished residence, you can trust our handiwork every step of the way. For more details on installation, call (817) 304-4224 today to speak to one of our qualified roofing associates.

We Install Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Standing seam metal roofs are great for upper levels of your home and add a uniqueness to the roof. They have been growing in popularity throughout the nation! Trust us to install a standing seam metal roof on your home today.

Added benefits of both standing seam metal roofs and metal roofs are numerous. While being resistant to both the hot sun and heavy storms of Texas, these roofs also keep your home cooler in the heat and help save electricity year round.

A finished steel roof

Trust Us To Get The Job Done

Our experienced and qualified roofers understand the necessity of a well-built roof. That goes doubly so when installing a metal roof due to the added bonus of its durability and long lifespan. Contacting At Home Roofing means you will have the best possible roof in Weatherford, TX for an affordable price.

Call today at (817) 304-4224 to get quotes for both installation and repair. We will install your metal roof and provide you with professional experience and a quality product. Get in touch today for high-quality metal roof repair.