AHR Commercial Roofing

AHR Commercial Roofing

At Home Roofing can Help Your Business

At Home Roofing prides itself for all of its roofing related services we provide in Weatherford, TX and the surrounding areas, that includes being a commercial roofing company. Trust AHR Commercial Roofing to provide your business with a reliable roof that will last and protect your livelihood from the worst the weather has to offer. For more information on how we can benefit you as your primary commercial roofing contractor, call (817) 304-4224 today to learn more and set up an appointment.

We Install Commercial Roofs

Businesses need the best commercial roof to cover them against the Weatherford, TX weather while earning their money back for the length of time they have it. AHR Commercial Roofing can fill that need with good looking modern roofs that will keep your business running in the worst of weather, earning every cent you spend on it. We offer multiple kinds of commercial roofs that will do the job when it comes to protecting your business. 

One such option we specialize in as a commercial roofing company is our metal roof installation and repair. A metal roof can bring several benefits to your business as one of the longest lasting roofs on the roofing market. AHR Commercial Roofing has trained and certified roofers with expertise in installing metal roofs. Here are some of the benefits a metal roof will extend to your business:

  • Cut back on electric bill due to the metal roof naturally helping keep the interior cool
  • Low maintenance to keep in good condition
  • Durable and weather resistant
  • Customization options
  • Roof leaks less common

With being a highly popular roof that comes with multiple customization options, AHR Commercial Roofing can offer you additions like standing seam metal roofing which offers you a distinct appearance to your commercial roof. AHR Commercial Roofing takes every measure to extend the best craftsmanship in the roofing industry, working to earn our spot as the best commercial roofing company in Weatherford, TX. If you’re interested in commercial roof installation, call (817) 304-4224 today to set up an appointment and start the process to get your roof today.

AHR Commercial can Repair your Roof

AHR Commercial roofers specialize not only in commercial roof installation, but also commercial roof repair. Upon scheduled appointment, our expert roofers will come out, inspect the problem, and fix it without any stress to you. We know that when your business runs at top capacity, residents of Weatherford, TX are happy, and when they’re happy then we are ecstatic. As your primary commercial roofing contractor, we can promise that each repair we make will last with your roof, keeping your business running and your livelihood safe. 

We offer a wide variety of roof repair options that keep your roof in top shape against the Texas weather. Each repair AHR Commercial Roofing takes on will be especially designed for the severe storms that can roll through the area. Our storm damage roof repair options will keep you covered for each occasion that could happen in the future. Even before the storm hits and the damage is done, our roofs are made to resist the weather and outmatch anything the competition can provide you. 

As a commercial roofer in Weatherford, TX, At Home Roofing has a responsibility to keep each of our client’s roofs ready for hail damage. That is why each of our roofers are trained in our hail damage roof repair service, a service that is beneficial for businesses with commercial roofs. 

If you get a commercial roof from another company or the weather gets particularly bad, AHR Commercial Roofing offers roof insurance claims help for when your commercial roof takes on significant damages. When you need the eyes of a professional commercial roofing company that will stick by your side throughout the entire insurance claim process, trust At Home Roofing to help you. If you need any of our mentioned services or have more questions that we can provide you, call (817) 304-4224  today to set up an appointment.

AHR Commercial Roofing

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At Home Roofing is the premier commercial roofing contractor in Weatherford, TX and the surrounding areas. We can help you with your business by being the ones to worry about your roof while you worry about what’s needed for your livelihood. If you need a commercial roofer, trust us to get the job done and call (817) 304-4224 today.