Roof Leak Repair

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Leaks Can Be Destructive

We know leaks in a roof can be caused by a multitude of issues, all resulting in a ruined day for the homeowner and their family. Regardless of if the damage is from a storm, poor installation, or a problem built up over time, let us worry about the roof leak repair so you can have peace of mind. Anywhere in Weatherford, TX, we can serve homeowners with the best professional roof leak repair service. 

If you have questions about roof leak repair or need a leak in your roof repaired, call At Home Roofing today at (817) 304-4224 and one of our associates will set up an appointment. 

How Leaks Can Occur

  • Storms – With strong winds and heavy rain, Texans native to Weatherford, TX know all too well the damage caused by storms passing through the area. One of our specialties is storm damage roof repair.
  • Installation or faulty repair – New houses on occasion can be subject to leaks. Often the source of the problem comes from a faulty installation or an accident by another client.
  • Debris – High winds can cause debris to fly into your roof. While such events are a rarity, they do happen and we can help. If a piece of debris gets stuck on your roof and blocks your valley, it can cause water to pool and break apart the tiling.
  • Age – While a roof can last for years, there comes a time when they become too old. Without obvious damage, roofs tend to last between 15 and 20 years.

Preventing Roof Leaks

Dealing with a leak can be a massive headache, especially when you have so many other things going on in your life. While frustrating, most roof leaks can be prevented through vigilance and preparation. Often times all it takes is a quick glance at your rooftop to notice where damage could happen if not remedied. Here are a few things to consider when checking what could cause a leak:

  • Look for damaged and worn out shingles
  • Trim branches from nearby trees
  • Examine your roof after a storm
  • Check roof flashing
  • Set up an annual roof inspection 

As mentioned before, some leaks happen through poor or lack of circulation around bathroom areas and piping. Upon purchasing or renting a home, we suggest scheduling an appointment so one of our certified experts can provide you with a leak-free living situation. 

Roof Insurance Claims

Unfortunately, accidents do happen and there comes a time when you need to make a claim due to damages outside of your control. Whether by an act of nature or an unruly neighbor, let At Home Roofing help you by providing insurance claim help

Let one of our experts look over the damages inside and out, and with their experience, they will write out a detailed report of the incident. With our help, your roof can be better insured against damages outside of your control. 

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We Can Help You

We at At Home Roofing want to help you with all of your roofing and roof repair needs. With our skilled and certified roofers, you can enjoy Weatherford, TX while we keep your home leak-free. 

Our experts are standing by, don’t wait on an inspection or damage from a storm. Call us today at (817) 304-4224 and have all of your leak prevention and repair needs taken care of.