Roof Storm Damage Repairs in Weatherford, TX

Hail Damaged Roof

We Take Texas Storms Seriously

Weather in Weatherford, TX always has the chance of producing a storm, sometimes seemingly out of the blue. Our certified roofers at At Home Roofing are always prepared for such events, ready to provide storm damage roof repair according to your roofing needs at an affordable price.

With one call to (817) 304-4224, you too can speak to one of our roofing experts and understand how we can, in fact, fulfill any problem that may arise with your roof. From installing, to leaks, to damages, At Home Roofing can help you live better in Weatherford, TX.

What Comes With a Storm

Many people often assume the worst part about a storm is the lightning, and while it may be dangerous, it is not what often causes the most damage. Particularly to your home, most of the damage a storm can bring comes through heavy rain and strong winds. 

While heavy rain can lead to property damage in terms of flooding, it can also provide a headache for the homeowner if your roof is not up to spec. Professional roofers understand that both damaged and badly placed shingles can lead to destructive leaks inside your home. Poorly built valleys atop your home or debris that pools water on the rooftop can also cause the top layer of your roof to break apart. 

Wind provides homeowners with immediate damage when damage does happen. When strong enough, wind can lift scraps and rubble, occasionally impacting it into your roof. Worse yet, poorly placed or damaged shingles can be ripped off of your roof and provide an opening for rainwater. 

At Home Roofing understands the need for a well put together roof. With our proven record, we can help you live better knowing the roof over your head is well put together. For all kinds of roof installation and roof repairs, you can trust us to get the job done with roof installation and storm damage roof repair. 

How to Prepare For Stormy Weather

Along with rain, wind, and lightning, storms in Texas also provide residents with hail and tornadoes. Luckily, there are ways that you can prepare and respond to storm damage, such as hail damage. Here are some tips to think about when preparing for the next storm:

  • Tie-down or cover outside furniture and anything that can be picked up by the wind
  • Be sure your roof can drain effectively, keeping all interior drains unclogged 
  • Take note of any damages on your roof 
  • Schedule regular roof examinations with your roofer
  • Be familiar with your homeowner insurance policy

Having every preparation for stormy weather seems like a lot of work, so let us help you every step of the way. At Home Roofing has your back in all kinds of weather. 

We Can Help You File a Claim

In the event that you are in need of storm damage roof repairs and the need to file a claim arises, we can help with that! Insurance companies tend to lack sympathy when examining damaged roof claims, and it can seem as though their goal is to get off without having to give you any money for your necessary repairs. 

Our experienced roofers, who understand damages that happen to roofs and repair them every day, we can provide every detail needed to help you with that claim. Let us help you file your claim so you can fix your roof and not have to worry about arguing with the insurance company. 

Let Us Repair Your Storm Damaged Roof

Let Us Fix Your Storm Damaged Roof

Our qualified and certified roofers are always interested in getting storm damage roof repairs done right so the homeowner is satisfied with their living conditions. At Home Roofing enjoys helping residents of Weatherford, TX install storm ready roofs and repairing the damages that may come with the Texas weather. 

Call us today at (817) 304-4224 to speak with one of our certified and experienced roofers today about storm damage roof repair in Weatherford, TX. At Home Roofing can provide you with affordable options when it comes to repairing your storm damaged roof.