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Expert Roof Installers

When getting a new home or refurbishing an old one, At Home Roofing understands the work that goes into roof installation. With all of the moving parts that go into the process of putting a roof over your or someone else’s head, let our certified roofers do the labor for an affordable price for a better result. 

Our experience with other customers in Weatherford, TX speaks for itself, with satisfaction guaranteed. Make the call today at (817) 304-4224 and let us prove to you why we are in the running for best roofers in the state.

Roof Installation Made Easy

Everyone knows that the biggest qualities you want from the roofers doing your installation are labor and experience. Our certified roofers show they are more than capable of rising to any roofing challenge. We understand that a loose shingle or a nail in the wrong place can be detrimental to the entire roofing system. At Home Roofing prides ourselves in being one of the leading businesses in roof installation and repair.

At Home Roofing can provide you as the customer every detail of the process. From the starter shingles to the finished fully installed product, we keep you up to date on each decision so your roof is shaped to your discretion. 

What Goes Into Roof Installation 

It cannot be understated the detail that goes into a solid and strong roof for a home. With the weather of Weatherford, TX, being as it is. A roof with a strong constitution is expected, one that can withstand both heat and severe thunderstorm. 

Being experts in the field, At Home Roofing makes sure each roof is up to par along with the customer’s individual expectations. Whether you want asphalt tiles or wooden shingles, we provide the best roof for the most affordable price. Here’s a basic walkthrough of the process we undertake when installing a roof: 

  • Measure the customer specified shingles
  • Prepare the roof 
  • Install underlayment and flashing
  • Outline laying pattern of tiles
  • Nail down and insert tiles
  • Double-check roof for any discrepancies 

Roofing companies have a responsibility to be just as preventive of future problems that may occur with a client’s roof as they are focused on getting the roof done. If a tile is cracked or misplaced by a roofer, that could end up flying off from strong wind or be the source of a destructive leak into the home.

With services such as roof leak repair, we understand the cause behind such problems and with every step look to avoid creating such problems. We pride ourselves in knowing that when any customer considers At Home Roofing, they get the best possible result in their roof.

We Specialize in Metal Roofs

Homeowners in Weatherford, TX want weather-resistant roofs with long working life spans, that’s why we extend metal roof installation and repair. A metal roof installed by At Home Roofing benefits the homeowner with a tougher exterior and cooler interior inside your home so you can enjoy a lower energy bill. 

Installing a metal roof further protects your home from hail and wind damage. Better than that can fly off or crack and chip, metal roofs take more force to cause dents and easily outperform most shingles at every turn. If you find yourself interested in a metal roof installation or repairs, call us today at (817) 304-4224 for more information.

We Fix Roofs Too

With roof installation comes roof maintenance and At Home Roofing has expert roofers ready to help every customer. We understand thunderstorms bring with them weather that can rip tiles off and open up your home to leaks. We value our skill in roof leak repair, making sure you don’t have to deal with the damage a leak can bring into your home. 

Hail damage, unfortunately, is a constant threat in Texas, luckily one of our services is providing hail damage roof repair, keeping your roof looking fantastic after every storm. For more information on our services and prices, don’t hesitate and contact us today.

Residential Roof Installation on a New Home

Leave Roofing To The Professionals

At Home Roofing understands the struggles of roof installation because we make it our purpose to provide everyone we serve with amazing roof installation and roof repair. If you live in Weatherford, TX, call (817) 304-4224 today.