Roofing Hail Damage Repairs

Atop of roof damage, hail can bring leak damage into your home by melting into dents and cracks on your rooftop.

Hail Damage Roof Repair Is Serious

There’s been an influx of new homeowners moving into the Weatherford, TX community and the roofers at At Home Roofing are ready to help everyone with the Texas weather. One type of weather pattern specifically some new homeowners may not be familiar with is hail, which might seem like a minor complication, but can lead to more damage if not taken seriously. When a storm comes through, call us for hail damage roof repair fast!

Storms that bring hail often also have heavy rain and strong wind, if not the occasional tornado. Just as these storms can damage your car, they can also have the same effect on your roofing. Damaged shingles can lead to leaks which, if left unrepaired, can lead to major structural damage to your home! Our certified roofers at At Home Roofing have experience in understanding hail damage roof repair if you believe you might have a leak or need an inspection, call us today at (817) 304-4224.

How to Prepare for Hail Damage

Fortunately, there are ways to be ready for when your home needs hail damage roof repair. Like all things weather oriented, preparation is key in preventing not only headaches at the time of damage but also in order to prevent larger problems from being formed. Here are some things to consider when preparing your home for inclement weather:

  • Familiarize yourself with your homeowner’s insurance policy
  • Keep pictures of your roof in good condition for reference
  • Remove any limbs and objects that may fall or cause damage to your home
  • Consider researching hail resistant roofing for your home, such as asphalt shingles
  • Schedule annual roof inspections

At Home Roofing understands the difficulties of being a homeowner. Sometimes the slightest detail can be missed when you’re not familiar with what you are looking for. Let our experienced and certified roofers help you by taking that stress off your shoulders. For an affordable price, we provide repairs to all kinds of roofs and help with roof insurance claims too.

What To Look For After A Storm

Often times, many are caught unaware when a hail storm comes and goes. When you don’t know what to look for, a problem can arise in your home and become massively more expensive over time. After a storm, here are some things to look out for when inspecting your roof:

  • Damaged tiles or cracks in the roofing
  • Debris, blockage to or in the drain pipes, standing water atop your roof
  • Damaged seams along with things like roof windows or chimneys

It is recommended that after every storm, you do a quick visual check of your roof in case of damages that may lead to further damages inside your home such as leaks.

Metal Roof Installation and Repair

Looking for a roof that can better resist hail damage, try our metal roof installation service. At Home Roofing has affordable options to install a metal roof onto your home, with roofers that have extensive knowledge of how to repair it on the rare occasions that damages do occur. If you have an interest in metal roofing for your home or need yours repaired, call (817) 304-4224 today to set up an appointment.

Hale can come in various sizes, causing anything from minor to heavy damages

Let Us Handle Your Hail Damage Roof Repair

At Home Roofing understands what hail can do to a roof and we know how to fix the problems that result. Let us handle your roofing installation and repair needs as you focus on what is really important while living in Weatherford, TX

With our experienced and certified roofers standing at the ready, call us today at (817) 304-4224 today. When hail does hit your home, we can handle all your hail damage roof repair needs.